Give your customers the power to request a custom quote for every product

Quote for WooCommerce adds a Request a Quote button to shop, product, or cart pages so your B2B and wholesale customers can negotiate for the best prices, discounts, and coupons.

The most complete solution to empower your customers to request a quote and get in touch with the supplier for negotiating prices.

Quote for WooCommerce’s advanced management system gives you the ability to configure different quotation options (display or hide the add-to-cart or request a quote button) for different user roles, including guests, retail, wholesale, and general.
Why Choose Us?

Quote for WooCommerce allows your customers to create their list of products and submit them to you for price quotations.

The Request a Quote button lets every customer know that you want to interact with them and meet their needs. Improve customer conversions, engagement, and loyalty with Quote for WooCommerce.

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Quote for WooCommerce Features

Set Rule Priority for Multiple Rules

Define the priority of established rules by giving assigning them a numeric value.

Request a Quote Form Builder

Build the perfect “request a quote” form using customizable fields and options.

Enable Guest Users to Add Quotes

Allow guest users to ask for quote prices without registering as a user on the website.

Request Quotes for Single or Multiple Products Simultaneously

Enable quotes for single or multiple products at once. Setup full alignment pricing according to your sales strategy – perfect for dynamic and global pricing.

Users Can Download Quotation (PDF) From My Account Page

Enabling the PDF option, change quotes to PDF, and give your visitors the option to download the document directly from the “My Account page.” Now attach the quote PDF in the email sent to the customer to download and print it for further use.

Customization Options for Quote-Button Color and Text Color

You have the option to personalize the Request a Quote button so that it matches the color outline of your website. You can customize the button’s color, text, and text color.

Download Quotation (PDF) From My Account Page

Download a PDF copy of all your quotations & receipts from my account page. The motive for putting it in PDF is to make sure that it cannot be amended.

Remove Single or Multiple Products from The Quote Tab

Remove different products from a quote tab at any time when the products will no longer be available. Mechanize for order management and seamless ordering.

Move Products from The Quote Section to Their Cart

Easily migrate any products from the quote section to the cart. Quote for WooCommerce makes the swift transformation of your shop products.

Move Products from Their Cart to The Quote Section

Move any product from the shopping cart to the quote section. Pick the best option through end-to-end visibility and order status.

Customize Quote Submission Messages

Personalized messages available for diverse scenarios, including a user getting an error on email quotes, a customer inputs the incorrect email address, and a customer successfully emails a quote.

Send Email with Quotations to Multiple Users

Email customization options give you more ability to send personalized messages to your clientele. You can create and manage the subject line and body of your emails. The email’s text can also be revised before and after the quote is sent to the customer.

Send the Accept & Checkout Link as A PDF File

This feature allows you to display the accept & checkout link in the quote PDF. This link provides an easy way to your customers to accept the presented quote and move to the website’s checkout process.

Send the Accept & Checkout Link Via Email

With this feature, display the accept & checkout link in your outbound email. Users can easily accept the presented quote and move to the website’s checkout process.

Option to Create Quotations and Email to Users

Quote For WooCommerce gives the option to generate the email and send quotations automatically to users. It is easy to evaluate the quotation requests list and enhance engagement with potential customers.

Customization Options for Quote-Button Text

Write any text on the Quote-Button, and it will be visible to customers on the frontend (for example, GET A QUOTE, FREE QUOTE, etc.)

Option to Hide/Show Add to Cart Button

You have the choice to display or hide the Add to Cart button on the shop or product pages of your website. You can also hide the button from all other pages of the website.

Option to Hide/Show Add to Quote Button

You can enable or restrict the option to show the add-to-quote button on your website’s product pages. You can also select to display or hide the button on the cart and shop pages.

Automate Email Notifications for Admins and Customers

Premium email notification service for new customers and signup. These reminder notifications are directly sent to you and your clients.

Limit the Add to Quote Option for Selected Products

Build a wide-ranging quotation management system and limit price visibility for specific types of customers, orders, and products.

Add A Quote Button for Different User Roles

Create A Quote Button for multiple roles to show the button for specific products and specific user roles.

Redirect Customers After A Successful Request for A Quote

The Page Redirect option allows you to redirect users after their add-to-quote request is efficacious. Similarly, you can also state a page-redirect URL for customer redirection.

Guest Users Can Get A Quote Without Registering for An Account

Empower your guest users to get a quote for any product(s) on your WooCommerce website deprived of registering for an account.

Enable the Quote Request Option for Wholesale Users Only

Allowing this option limits the Request a Quote option for wholesale visitors only. The text on the buttons for quotation requests is editable and will only be visible to wholesale users.

Convert Quote Into Order

Allow customers to convert their quote into order once the quote status is “Quote” or “Accepted”.

Expiration Date For Quotes

Set the expiration date of the quote in days so that users have a deadline for negotiations.


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  • Advanced management system
  • Show or hide ‘Add to quote’ button
  • Create and respond to quotes
  • Send checkout link in PDF or email
  • And much more...


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